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Brochure style sites

A brochure style website, also known as a classic or static website is a basic site with a set number of pages. Typically this will include a front page (or home page), a contact and/or about page, and one or more pages describing a company’s products or services.

Depending on content required, a brochure style site could be anything from 2 to 20 or more pages and tend to be used for sites where the content doesn’t need to be updated on a regular basis. Brochure style sites are relatively quick to build, low cost and low frills. If you want a simple site and don’t need the ability to make changes to the content yourself then this is probably the right solution for you. Contact us for a friendly chat to discuss your requirments.

Example of brochure style site

Oakridge Farm Holiday Barns is a perfect example of a simple, brochure style website. Since very little content changes (other than annually updating the prices) there was no need for anything complex. The static site requires no input from the client who simply emails us a list of prices and any updated text and photos when necessary.

In fact, 12 months after developing the Oakridge site, we were asked to go back and write a bespoke booking system for them.  Their clients can now search for availability over their 7 properties, check dates, make bookings and even pay online, and the entire system is controlled by a password protected backend.  This is a perfect example of starting a site small and simple, and expanding as a business grows.

See more examples in our portfolio

Beyond the basics…

If you need something more flexible then we can offer CMS driven sites. CMS means Content Management System which is just a fancy name for a website which we develop for you, where you have the ability to make changes (change text, prices, pictures, add new pages etc.) through a simple to use control panel, without having to understand the technical issues. While this site could be built as a static brochure style site, in fact it is a CMS. This allows me to add, remove or edit pages very quickly and easily, even if I’m away and don’t have access to my normal computer and software.

CMS Control panelIf your needs go beyond a very simple, small site, you probably require some form of CMS. We can build the site to your specifications and then teach you to make changes yourself. It really is very simple so don’t be put off. Think of it like driving a car: you’re taught how the controls work, but don’t have to understand what’s going on in the engine! A CMS site is very similar – we take care of the design and technical issues, and just give you a very simple to use control panel where you can log in and make changes. The image to the right shows the CMS admin screen for this very page, allowing changes to be made quickly and easily from any computer connected to the Internet.

CMS based sites also form the basis of more complex sites and web applications where more advanced features such as forums, chat rooms, online stores, social media sites and more.

If you’re interested in finding out more why not give us a call for a friendly chat. We can discuss your needs with you, explain your options in a non-jargon way, and advise you on what would be best for your situation.

Brochure style siteExample of a CMS based site

Bluejay Design approached us to create a a site for them which would look modern and innovative, and give them the ability to update the content on a regular basis. As a creative print design studio they didn’t want to get bogged down in technicalities, but needed a solution where they could log in, make a few quick changes, and get the job done quickly. The Wordpress based CMS solution we built allows them to do just that.

Joe at Bluejay Design wrote this on his blog about the site we built for them: “As you can see my web site is looking and working fantastic. It’s much more user friendly and very easy to edit on a day to day basis” See more examples in our portfolio

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