Rebrandable Games

These addictive browser games are available to license. The packages include the swf file, ready to paste into your website, blog or profile page, complete with your logo and links. You can even give the game to your clients and visitors and they can place the game on their sites, linking back to you! Source code, custom game changes and bespoke game creation also available. Looking for a complete package of rebrandable Flash games?  Then check out our sister site Viral Flash Games

Click the links to play the games and get more details…

Blob Wars strategy game. One or two player, try to invade your opponent and take over the board. Very addictive and popular game. <more…>

Reaction is one of our most succesful games. Like all great games it’s simple to learn, and takes a long time to master the finer strategies. Line up coloured blobs into patterns to create chain reactions and surround the anchors to clear the level. <more…>

Flicker puzzle game. Try and flick all the light switches off in the fewest moves. Sounds simple eh?! <more…>

Sudoku puzzle game. 30 editable levels in 3 difficulty settings. Your branding clearly visible at all times, and players can print the puzzles out – with your logo on! <more…>

Blob pairs game. Classic memory game with a modern feel. Surprisingly addictive and popular game. <more…>

Kwik Shot arcade game. A good old fashioned blaster! Three different level types and the difficulty increases with each wave. Very addictive and popular game. <more…>

Blobz is a nod back to the golden age of videogames in the early ’80s. Remember Track & Field, Daley Thompson’s Olympics and the other joystick waggling, key bashing mayhem? Blobz brings back those memories and has users head to head, or against the computer to see who can tap those keys the fastest! <more…>

Munchyman ‘Pacman style’ game. Classic game with a modern feel. Addictive and popular as ever! <more…>

All KernoWeb games come with SWF files, ready to paste directly into your webpage, along with HTML templates and full instructions. You can add our games to any web page, blog, MySpace profile etc. and they will not only keep your visitors coming back, time and time again, but you can allow your visitors to place the games on their own websites, generating you extra traffic and links.