Transformers 3D Game

This was in interesting project to work on.  It was another collaboration with Ash Nicholls in Australia who handled the graphic design, but this time we developed 2 versions – a normal 2D version, and a 3D anaglyph version where the user wears red/blue glasses to get the 3D effect.

Built as a promotional tool for a new range of Transformer toys from Hasbro, and as part of a larger 2D/3D website, the game had to look great, play well, and be competitive.  We went for a first person shooting game, where the charcter (Bumblebee) ducked behind cover to reload like in the Namco arcade game Time Crisis.

Hasbro didn’t want Bumblebee to be able to die in the game, so to prevent the decepticons shooting back we made it a “training simulator” where the player shoots at holograms of the decepticons.  With 3 weapons to choose from, a number of decepticon enemies including Starscream, Soundwave and of course the mightly Megatron, plus bonuses and the 3D graphics the game looks and plays great.

A suitably pumping soundtrack, and sound effects to match the on screen action, and a built in high score system give the final touches to a game which is sure to be a great success in promoting the new toys.

Play Bumblebee Blast in 2D

Play Bumblebee Blast in 3D

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