Tone Tutor

Tone Tutor is an online ear training application developed for GuitarControl.com

The software allows the user to select a sequence length and range of tones and then listen to them and try to match the tones to the guitar fretboard.

We also modified 3 of our rebrandable Flash games as part of the project. The three games, based on the old arcade classics of Pacman, Space Invaders, and Asteroids, were given extra functions where guessing the tones correctly would help in the form of powerups and extra points. The complete package really lived up to our brief of creating a fun way to learn guitar online.

Flash guitar software development

Claude Johnson, pro guitar teacher and founder of GuitarControl had this to say about the completed project – “DOOD!!! These are amazing!”

Educational Flash viral games

Our rebrandable Flash games, modified to be used as educational tools as part of an online guitar course.

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