Tahan Megalama Challenge

This was an interesting project, and another collaboration with an overseas team. The concept was for an arcade style game for promoting the benefits of a new car battery technology from Malaysian manufacturers Century Battery. We were approached by Malaysian developers Fuse Creative to design and develop a game which to be used as part of a promotional web site.

We took inspiration from an existing iPhone/iPad game called Pig Shot but completely reworked it to create a very different style of game, using a space theme where the player continuously runs out of energy and had to keep topping it up with jump leads and energy balls while avoiding dangers such as flaming asteroids!

The end result was a simple but fun and fast paced action game, which linked in seamlessly with Century Battery’s glossy new web site. The end result was The Tahan Megalama Challenge which launched today, with Century offering a range of prizes to the to scorers during launch week.

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