Sonic Science

Sonic Science is a series of educational games developed for the BBC. The project involved developing games for blind and partially sighted children (7 – 11 year olds), so were audio based. The character led games pulled audio tracks in from external XML language files meaning the games could be deployed in multiple languages easily.

Kernow Web were responsible for 2 of the games – Flower Up, and Over and Out. In Flower Up the player learned about what plants need to grow – water, light and warmth. They first helped a flower named “Mary Curie” who was sick, and in a later level grew a number of seeds by continually monitoring the amount of light, water and heat they were receiving – all done by audio!

Over and Out had the player build a raft from a range of different materials, some of which would float and others which would not.  Once they had built a floating raft they had to cross a river with 3 animals. Of course the puzzle was getting the animals safely across without eating each other, and again everything was done with speach and sound effects.

The result was a series of games using a completely audio environment, allowing blind children to play and learn just as well as their sighted peers.

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