XE Challenge

We were approached by Embarcadero to produce a viral Flash game based around one of their lead developers, the infamous David I.  We discussed a number of possibilities and eventually decided on an underwater themed arcade game with David, in his trademark tie-dye T-shirt, as the main character. [ read more ]

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Oxfam’s Oxjam Festival

In 2009 we developed a site to promote Oxfam’s premier music event, the Oxjam Festival.  The 2009 event was held at the prestigious O2 Arena (previously the Millenium Dome) in London, and the line up included a large number of big name acts. [ read more ]

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Jungle Run

Jungle run is an arcade action game, plain and simple. Developed for a children’s party company, our brief was to create a game which looked as good as it played. The jungle theme matched some of their existing content, and do Jungle Run was designed and developed around an explorer character, trying to survive in the jungle. [ read more ]

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Our brief for this project was to design and develop a game suitable for promoting a paper company, and the end result was a viral game where players compete at throwing a paper aeroplane through a busy New York street. [ read more ]

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Elf on the Shelf games

We were approached by Cre8ive Websites, LLC to develop a series of online games as part of The Elf on The Shelf 2008 Christmas marketing campaign. The games were to be themed to match the national TV advertising campaign.

We developed 7 games in total including a jigsaw puzzle, slide puzzle and 2 memory games, along with an action game called ‘Count the Elves’ (based on the old fairground Whack-a-mole game). We also developed a hide and seek game, and an activity application called Make a Cookie for Santa where the player selected a cookie dough, and decorated it with different frostings, icings and decorations before seeing it get packaged up and sent to Santa. [ read more ]

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Sonic Science

Sonic Science is a series of educational games developed for the BBC. The project involved developing games for blind and partially sighted children (7 – 11 year olds), so were audio based. The character led games pulled audio tracks in from external XML language files meaning the games could be deployed in multiple languages easily. [ read more ]

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Alice in Wonderland

We were simply given the brief of creating a platform game for 7 – 10 year olds, based on the Alice in Wonderland story. What we developed was a multi-level game packed with obstacles, characters, objects and puzzles. [ read more ]

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Tone Tutor

Tone Tutor is an online ear training application developed for GuitarControl.com

The software allows the user to select a sequence length and range of tones and then listen to them and try to match the tones to the guitar fretboard.

We also modified 3 of our rebrandable Flash games as part of the project. The three games, based on the old arcade classics of Pacman, Space Invaders, and Asteroids, were given extra functions where guessing the tones correctly would help in the form of powerups and extra points. The complete package really lived up to our brief of creating a fun way to learn guitar online. [ read more ]

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