Jungle Run

Jungle run is an arcade action game, plain and simple. Developed for a children’s party company, our brief was to create a game which looked as good as it played. The jungle theme matched some of their existing content, and do Jungle Run was designed and developed around an explorer character, trying to survive in the jungle.

Each level gets harder and harder as the player has to avoid rolling logs, elephants and even a T-rex while collecting bonuses and powerups. The first 8 levels get more complex, and from level 9 onwards a routine generates dynamic levels to prevent the game from becoming too predictable.

The game uses pre-rendered 3D graphics to give it a great modern look, while still being lightweight and fast in Flash. Levels are designed in a modular way to make it easy to create new levels, obstacles and powerups in the future should the need arise. Click the link below to play the game…

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