Jahjing (Shut The Box)

We were asked to develop a modern version of the classic “Shut the box” game with a betting element (for play money only) which would allow players to compete with one another for the high score.  What we developed was a Flash based game, and a website where users could register as members, save their scores, and keep a rolling credit of play money which could be used to bet in the game.

The game was built from the ground up with custom 3D style graphics and designed to be extendible, with a view to adding a real money betting element and multi-player support later on.  Users can play as guests, or register and log in to keep track of their winnings.

The website is built on a customised CMS and includes the registration system, highscore leaderboards and blog, and the possibility to expand with forums and e-commerce at a later date by request of the client.

Click the link below to try the game yourself!

Visit the Jahjing website and play Jahjing! online

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