Elf on the Shelf games

We were approached by Cre8ive Websites, LLC to develop a series of online games as part of The Elf on The Shelf 2008 Christmas marketing campaign. The games were to be themed to match the national TV advertising campaign.

We developed 7 games in total including a jigsaw puzzle, slide puzzle and 2 memory games, along with an action game called ‘Count the Elves’ (based on the old fairground Whack-a-mole game). We also developed a hide and seek game, and an activity application called Make a Cookie for Santa where the player selected a cookie dough, and decorated it with different frostings, icings and decorations before seeing it get packaged up and sent to Santa.

The games can be viewed and played at the Elf on the Shelf website.

Elf on the shelf puzzle games

“Billy, I can’t thank you enough for your professionalism on this! Hopefully you enjoy this sort of thing because I think you’re awesome at it and would love to be able to continue have you putting things together for us!”
- Carrie Burns, Cre8ive Websites, LLC

Count the Elves Flash Game
Count The Elves action game

The player has to Count The Elves by tapping them with the finger of a cartoon hand as quickly as possible as they pop out from their hiding places in the tree!

Hide & Seek game

After a short intro the player switches off the lights and the elf hides. The player then has to guess which object the elf is hiding in or behind. Play then moves off to a new location!

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