XE Challenge

We were approached by Embarcadero to produce a viral Flash game based around one of their lead developers, the infamous David I.  We discussed a number of possibilities and eventually decided on an underwater themed arcade game with David, in his trademark tie-dye T-shirt, as the main character.

The game is set in a 3D underwater environment, where the player controls David I in an attempt to avoid enemies such as crabs, sharks, manta rays and even a jumping toad!

Getting the underwater effects, and the movement of the swimming enemies right was a challenge, but the biggest challenge was modelling David’s character, and getting his trademark tie-dye T-shirt, grey beard and hair, and sunglasses just right.  The end result was a successful viral game which Embarcadero and David I himself were very pleased with.  Working from photographs we modelled and animated a character to resemble David’s looks and mannerisms.

The game incorporates both Twitter and Facebook viral integration, making it easy to share and for players to challenge each other to beat their scores, and generating new leads for the client.

Click the link below to try the game yourself!

Play David I Underwater XE Challenge

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