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Bop It is an electronic audio toy produced by Hasbro.  If you’re not familiar with the toy, it’s essentially a game of skill and reaction where the toy gives a series of verbal commands (”Twist It”, “Pull It” etc.) in time to a beat and you have to perform the task without hesitating or getting it wrong.  It’s been one of the most successful toys of the past few years, and lots of fun for kids and adults alike.  We were asked to implement the online version of the new “XT” version of the toy, as part of a launch promotion.

The online version was built around the visuals of the toy, but using mouse gestures to handle the input such as holding the mouse button and drawing a circle for “Twist it” or shaking the mouse left and right for “Shake it”.  The amount of time allowed to make the input decreases as time passes making it increasingly difficult to win each round.

Apart from the game itself, the project involved backend coding to allow social media integration with Twitter and Facebook, and lead capture for collecting names and email addresses for marketing purposes, incentivised with a competition and separate highscore leaderboards for each country to add a healthy amount of competition and encourage people to share the game with their friends.

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