Billionaire Game

Given a very specific brief for a unique educational game, we developed Billionaire as a quirky piece of software combining strategy, quiz and educational elements.

The game has the user attempt to take over an isometric city by strategically buying up property, and forcing other players to bankruptcy.  However, simply managing funds and making good purchasing decisions is not enough to win.  In order to buy property, the player must answer quiz questions correctly.  The more difficult the task, the more questions they need to answer…

The client provided us with a list of questions related to learning French, but the game was developed to load the questions from an external XML file so changing question sets is quick and easy.  There are also some nice added features such as an interactive tutorial level, and a dynamic chart class which tracks the score multiplier.

The client was delighted with the final result, saying:

[Kernow Web were] really excellent.  Great communication throughout, and consistently went above and beyond everything I asked for. Total pros throughout – would employ again in a flash.

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