Alice in Wonderland

We were simply given the brief of creating a platform game for 7 – 10 year olds, based on the Alice in Wonderland story. What we developed was a multi-level game packed with obstacles, characters, objects and puzzles.

Each level has a different graphical theme, from rolling hills, flowers and magical toadstools, to dreamy clouds, to dark and dangerous rock and fire! Alice’s adventure begins by travelling through Wonderland and fending off the Card Guards and long the way she collects magical teacups, plays a magical flute with the ceterpillar, and finally recues the Mad Hatter after the final battle with the evil Queen!

Level one sees alice enter Wonderland, where she starts to collect teacups and get her bearings, climbing over magic mushrooms, jumpings spikes, and fending off the card guards. Later she heads up into the clouds where she meets the caterpillar and is given a musical quest. Completing the quest allows alice to pass through the looking glass where she fins herself outside the evil queen’s castle. In a land of rock and fire, she fights her way to the final confrontation with the queen herself, and finally saves the mad hatter!

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