Our brief for this project was to design and develop a game suitable for promoting a paper company, and the end result was a viral game where players compete at throwing a paper aeroplane through a busy New York street.

The players set the angle and power of the throw, and the plane soared its way through a busy street, avoiding obstacles such as taxis, cyclists, and even a hotdog stand on fire along the way. Extra lift was found in the steam coming from some of the sidewalk vents, and with a good throw the plane could travel a significant distance. The player’s 3 throws were accumulated to a final score which entered them into a competition.

Viral integration was achieved by collecting the player’s names and email addresses, since the highest scores would be eligible for a great prize – a trip to New York! The game interfaces with Twitter and Facebook, posting highscores as Tweets and wall posts with an invitaion to other players.

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