Star Wars Jedi Attack

We collaborated with Australian artist Ash Nicholls to produce this childrens action arcade game to promote a new range of Star Wars toys from Hasbro.

Working on a project for clients as big as Hasbro and Lucasarts obviously means restrictions on creative input and tight deadlines, but with the talented Ash Nicholls handling all of the graphics and dealing direct with the clients, that left us to design and program the game.  The game is written in Flash Actionscript, with beautifully drawn graphics, high impact audio, and all the classic Star Wars touches.

It’s a simple side scrolling slash and blast arcade game.  The player takes control of Obiwan and through force attacks and his lightsaber they have to fend off the attacking droid army.  Battledroids, blasters and mines are all in there and Yoda even makes a cameo appearance in the background on a dropship taking off near the start of the game (and maybe hints at a future game…?)

A built in highscore system allows the kids to compete.

Click the link below to try the game yourself!

Visit the Jedi Attack website and play Jahjing! online

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