Keep In Touch

Keep In Touch was a game designed around a simple concept – that you need to keep in regular contact with your friends, or you risk losing them!

Promoting Orange’s SMS text service, the Keep In Touch game is simple, yet fun and competitive. Lauched on the Facebook platform the game is a perfect example of viral marketing at its best. Friends play the game and post their highscores on their Facebook walls, and invite their friends to try and beat them.

We worked in collaboration with Active Web Services and designed the game around the “keep in touch” concept. The game generates a number of “friends” – blobs – which bounce around the screen. To keep in touch the player drags a blob to one of the orange areas and the blob turns orange, but only for a few seconds. To keep in touch with their friends the player has to keep dragging blobs back, reinforcing the marketing message that repeated use of SMS messaging helps friends to keep in touch!

Social integration was done on the Facebook platform. The game asks the user to input their name, and then offers them the chance to post their highscore to their Facebook wall and invite their friends to play.

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