The Avengers: Captain America SHIELD

We were asked to produce 2 mini games as promotional tools for Marvel Comic’s new Avengers Assemble movie. The characters we had to work with were Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. This first game focuses on Captain America, where the player’s goal is to defend the Earth from falling meteors, rebounding them off the captain’s shield.

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Woodworx Racers

To promote Colorific’s “Woodworx Racers” paint and race kits, they wanted a driving game that was as fun to play as their kits are to build and paint. After brainstorming a number of ideas we decided to go for a head 2 head topdown arcade racer, based on the classic Micro Machines games.

Single player mode is a 3 lap time trial against the clock. Subsequent attempts are raced against a “ghost car” which drives the player’s previous best.

Two player mode is where the game get’s interesting though, with the players jostling for points.

The game features a large scrollable map, 1 and 2 player modes, highscore submission, local best times and “ghost car” saving, on track obstacles and lots more.

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Ultimate Prime

Our latest game for Hasbro, to promote the new “Ultimate Prime” toy is a side scrolling shooter, loosely based on the classic Amiga game of the early 1990’s – Walker.

The game has a dark and atmospheric theme, with the player taking control of Optimus Prime in an effort to protect Bumblebee and progress through the level. Optimus is controlled by using the keyboard to walk, and the mouse to aim and shoot.

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Kreon Chaos

Every now and again I take on a project that I get really excited about, and this was one of them.  Hasbro’s latest range of toys, Kre-o, are Lego style construction kits based on the Transformers toys and characters.  Both full kits and “mini figs” called Kreons are available, and Hasbro wanted a game to show off the Kreons and the kits.

What we developed was a platform/puzzle game called Kreon Chaos where the player takes control of a number of Kreons.  All your favorite Transformers characters are in there, like Bumblebee, Jazz and of course Optimus Prime.  Each Kreon has a different special skill, so they have to work as a team to get through each level on their quest to collect the kit parts and defeat Megatron.

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Tahan Megalama Challenge

This was an interesting project, and another collaboration with an overseas team. The concept was for an arcade style game for promoting the benefits of a new car battery technology from Malaysian manufacturers Century Battery. We were approached by Malaysian developers Fuse Creative to design and develop a game which to be used as part of a promotional web site.

We took inspiration from an existing iPhone/iPad game called Pig Shot but completely reworked it to create a very different style of game, using a space theme where the player continuously runs out of energy and had to keep topping it up with jump leads and energy balls while avoiding dangers such as flaming asteroids!

The end result was a simple but fun and fast paced action game, which linked in seamlessly with Century Battery’s glossy new web site. The end result was The Tahan Megalama Challenge which launched today, with Century offering a range of prizes to the to scorers during launch week.

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Extreme Hunting iPhone

We were approached by a client in the US who wanted realistic looking graphics with one game hunting deer with a bow, and a second arcade style game shooting a variety of targets with a shotgun. The result was 2 very different games but both with a similar look and feel.

The first game uses a bow and arrow so timing is critical, and the user needs to pay close attention to the wind conditions.

The second game has more of an arcade feel and a faster pace.

These were the first iPhone games we developed, and have now started developing for iOS and Android under our new Frosty Pixel Games brand. Read here for more details, or contact us for a quote for iPhone/Android development.

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Bop It Game

Bop It is an electronic audio toy produced by Hasbro.  If you’re not familiar with the toy, it’s essentially a game of skill and reaction where the toy gives a series of verbal commands (”Twist It”, “Pull It” etc.) in time to a beat and you have to perform the task without hesitating or getting it wrong.  It’s been one of the most successful toys of the past few years, and lots of fun for kids and adults alike.  We were asked to implement the online version of the new “XT” version of the toy, as part of a launch promotion. [ read more ]

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Transformers 3D Game

This was in interesting project to work on.  It was another collaboration with Ash Nicholls in Australia who handled the graphic design, but this time we developed 2 versions – a normal 2D version, and a 3D anaglyph version where the user wears red/blue glasses to get the 3D effect. [ read more ]

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E-Factor Multi Player Game

We were asked to develop the online version of a unique ethics based board game used as a business training and certification tool.  The end result is an interesting blend of a multi-player board game and online chat system. [ read more ]

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Star Wars Jedi Attack

We collaborated with Australian artist Ash Nicholls to produce this childrens action arcade game to promote a new range of Star Wars toys from Hasbro. [ read more ]

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