Another Hasbro game in the bag

It’s been a loooooong month with lots of late nights, but it was worth the effort. Our latest game, Kreon Chaos, launched this week and was an instant hit!

The game was developed for Hasbro to promote their Transformers “Lego” toys, Kre-o.

Launch of the game instantly doubled the average time users were spending on the kre-o site (and there were already games on the site) and the feedback we’ve been getting from both kids on the site, and the executives at Hasbro has been excellent!

It’s always great to see a game get past the finish post, and with some exciting projects lined up for the coming months (including a deal with Disney and Pixar!) it’s going to be an exciting time, but probably with lots more late nights ;)

Check out Kreon Chaos over at the official Kre-o site.

Sep 7, 2011 / Blog

Kreon Chaos

Every now and again I take on a project that I get really excited about, and this was one of them.  Hasbro’s latest range of toys, Kre-o, are Lego style construction kits based on the Transformers toys and characters.  Both full kits and “mini figs” called Kreons are available, and Hasbro wanted a game to show off the Kreons and the kits.

What we developed was a platform/puzzle game called Kreon Chaos where the player takes control of a number of Kreons.  All your favorite Transformers characters are in there, like Bumblebee, Jazz and of course Optimus Prime.  Each Kreon has a different special skill, so they have to work as a team to get through each level on their quest to collect the kit parts and defeat Megatron.

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