Latest projects roundup

The beauty of working as a freelancer developer is the variety of projects you get to work on.  While Kernow Web Designs is now firmly established primarily as a Flash games development studio, we still get our hands dirty with web design, e-commerce and even print design.

In fact, we’re not even half way through 2011 and already we’ve successfully launched a number of new games including 2 games for Hasbro, 1 for Lucasarts, a very unique multi-player ethics game for business, a remake of a classic betting game and many more, while also developing a new yoga directory and building a selection of sites for local businesses AND doing several print design projects…

…while that’s all well and good, the second half of 2011 is shaping up to be very different.  We’re taking on fewer clients, and focusing on bigger and higher quality projects.  We have the highly anticipated sequel to our successful Viral Flash Games pack to launch in the summer, and a number of really exciting games in the pipeline.

So watch this space, and as each game is released hopefully you’ll have as much fun playing them as we do developing them ;)

Jun 18, 2011 / Blog

Boppity Bop…

I was over the moon when I was given the opportunity of developing the online version of the popular Bop It toy. If you’re not familiar with Boppit, it’s an electronic toy wwith a series of inputs and the game is controlled by sound. The toy gives a command such as “pull it” or “spin it” and you have to react fast with the correct input or lose. The game is played to a beat and every now and then the command is to “pass it” where you pass the toy to the next player.

My niece has the toy and I had played it on a number of occasions so it was great fun to take that offline playing experience and transform it into an online game. There were a few challenges along the way (how to best convert a series of physical movements into interesting mouse/keyboard controls) but the results turned out great. Read all about it here.

Jun 8, 2011 / Blog

Bop It Game

Bop It is an electronic audio toy produced by Hasbro.  If you’re not familiar with the toy, it’s essentially a game of skill and reaction where the toy gives a series of verbal commands (”Twist It”, “Pull It” etc.) in time to a beat and you have to perform the task without hesitating or getting it wrong.  It’s been one of the most successful toys of the past few years, and lots of fun for kids and adults alike.  We were asked to implement the online version of the new “XT” version of the toy, as part of a launch promotion. [ read more ]

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