Transformers 3D Game

This was in interesting project to work on.  It was another collaboration with Ash Nicholls in Australia who handled the graphic design, but this time we developed 2 versions – a normal 2D version, and a 3D anaglyph version where the user wears red/blue glasses to get the 3D effect. [ read more ]

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Multi Player Game Development

It’s been quite some time since I last turned my hand to multiplayer game development.  Last time it was a quiz game developed for a university as a learning tool, and this time the educational angle comes into play again.  This game however, is very unique…

We were approached by a US based company responsible for teaching ethics for businesses.  Many types of business require a certain number of hours ethics training each year to remain licensed, and they had developed a board game which made the training more interested and wanted it porting to an online version.

Multi-player gaming poses a number of challenges such as security and syncing, but we rose to the challenge and developed a very unique and interesting hybrid game, based around the game board and chat function.

This was our first time using the Electroserver (ES5) socket server from Electrotank (having used SmartFox on previous multiplayer projects) and we found it to be very stable and easy to work with and with much better docs and support than SmartFox, so we’re looking forward to porting some Kwikgames and VFG games to the platform in the near future (possibly for release on the Facebook platform – watch this space!)

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May 6, 2011 / Blog

E-Factor Multi Player Game

We were asked to develop the online version of a unique ethics based board game used as a business training and certification tool.  The end result is an interesting blend of a multi-player board game and online chat system. [ read more ]

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