Jahjing (Shut The Box)

We were asked to develop a modern version of the classic “Shut the box” game with a betting element (for play money only) which would allow players to compete with one another for the high score.  What we developed was a Flash based game, and a website where users could register as members, save their scores, and keep a rolling credit of play money which could be used to bet in the game. [ read more ]

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JahJing – Shut The Box Game

JahJing is a new game concept based on the classic game of Shut The Box.  We were approached to develop the game from the ground up, and the multi-part development cycle is just reaching the end of phase 1 with the single player version of the game going online this week.

The game, also known as Tric-Trac or Canoga, is dice based.  Players take it in turns to flip all 9 tabs based on dice rolls.  Where JahJing differs from the classic game however is by introducing a betting element.

As the development of the single player version draws to a close, we’re now looking to a multi-player version with real money betting for future release… watch this space!

Check out the JahJing web site and game here

Jan 28, 2011 / Blog