How to increase your web site traffic for free

As a website owner one of your primary concerns is attracting visitors to your site. There are many different ways to do this, from pay per click advertising to sponsorship, but the best type of traffic is free traffic. Here are 5 quick tips for getting more visitors to your website, without spending a penny.

1. Directory listings. This is an old technique, but true and trusted. Simply submit your site to free directories, such as the Open Directory Project or small niche specific directories in your market, and you’ll get both traffic and backlinks to help with your SEO.  The DMOZ is by far the largest and most useful of all online directories, and is free but all submissions are human reviewed meaning there is no guarantee of acceptance, and it can take a while to get listing.  It is however well worth taking the time to submit.

2. Social networking. Networks like Twitter and Facebook have come on leaps and bounds in the past couple of years, and are a fantastic way of getting in touch with your potential customers and getting traffic to your site. My adding re-tweet buttons to your articles you can even get your visitors voting for your content and driving even more new visitors to your site. If you won’t already have a Twitter account, get one today!  Linkedin is also worth joining, as are any social sites specific to your market.

3. Exchanging links. Google sees links to your site like votes, the more links you have the more authorative Google assumes your site is, and the higher you’ll rank. Find out which sites are linking to your competitors with this simple Google search: “link:yourcompetitor.com”. Then see if you can get links from those sites too!  They might accept guest posts or articles, or have a place where you can leave a comment, or they might simply want to link to you if your content would be of value to their users.

4. Offline. Traffic doesn’t only come from online sources. You should also take every advantage to promote your site offline, on your business cards, stationery, or newspaper and magazine adverts.  We have even designed signwriting for vehicles in the past and that also gets good results for local businesses.

5. Build a list. Once you have a visitor at your site, you should really offer them an incentive to give you there email address. A free report or newsletter in exchange for their subscription means you can promote to that same customer again and again, making list building the most profitable of all the traffic techniques in the long run.  Aweber is the best solution for building and managing a list, and is very reasonably priced.

Feb 2, 2010 / Blog