Season’s greetings

Well I know it’s not quite Christmas yet, but all of the Christmas promotions we’ve been doing for clients are now done and dusted, and we’ve started work on January sales and new year projects already!

The run up to Christmas has been incredibly busy again this year with a number of clients wanting viral Flash games to promote their brands, and of course the Elf on the Shelf project continues to keep us busy year on year as we develop more games for them (they actually hit the nuber 1 best seller spot on Barnes and Noble this year – well done!)

So, just a quick heads up.  Kernow Web will be closing up shop on 23rd December this year, for a nice family Christmas followed by a spot of snowboarding.  We’ll be back to work properly from 3rd January but as usual I’ll have a cell phone and laptop with me in case of emergencies ;)

So merry Christmas to everyone, and a big thank you to all of our clients who have helped make 2009 our best year yet at Kernow Web… and 2010 is already shaping up to be even better.  We have some exciting new games projects already lined up, and our Flash Games Classroom project will continue to grow and move towards the launch of our course in a few months time.

Finally, we’ll be starting the year off with a bang as Kernow Web will be featured in the January edition of Flash and Flex Developers magazine so keep an eye out for us there!

All the best,


Dec 15, 2009 / Blog

Jungle Run

Jungle run is an arcade action game, plain and simple. Developed for a children’s party company, our brief was to create a game which looked as good as it played. The jungle theme matched some of their existing content, and do Jungle Run was designed and developed around an explorer character, trying to survive in the jungle. [ read more ]

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Keep In Touch

Keep In Touch was a game designed around a simple concept – that you need to keep in regular contact with your friends, or you risk losing them!

Promoting Orange’s SMS text service, the Keep In Touch game is simple, yet fun and competitive. Lauched on the Facebook platform the game is a perfect example of viral marketing at its best. Friends play the game and post their highscores on their Facebook walls, and invite their friends to try and beat them. [ read more ]

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All new Kernow Web

The old KernowWeb site

If you’re wondering what’s up with the site today don’t worry… we’re in the middle of a major overhaul of the entire site! Things should be back up as usual within a few hours so apologies to anyone having problems viewing the site today, but believe me it will be worth the wait!

The old Kernowweb.co.uk design was getting rather long in the tooth, and didn’t really show us in our best light. Most of our time is spent working on our cleint’s projects, so housekeeping on this site sometimes gets behind, but no more!

The shiney new site!

The new design is a vast improvement, as you can see from these before and after shots, and will focus primarily on our portfolio, the main reason people visit the site. We’re right in the middle of updating it right now, but check back in a day or two and you’ll see the featured projects in all their glory, and where possible there will be playable versions of many of our games!

Hope you like the new design, do leave a message and let us know what you think!


Dec 4, 2009 / Blog


Our brief for this project was to design and develop a game suitable for promoting a paper company, and the end result was a viral game where players compete at throwing a paper aeroplane through a busy New York street. [ read more ]

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Elf on the Shelf games

We were approached by Cre8ive Websites, LLC to develop a series of online games as part of The Elf on The Shelf 2008 Christmas marketing campaign. The games were to be themed to match the national TV advertising campaign.

We developed 7 games in total including a jigsaw puzzle, slide puzzle and 2 memory games, along with an action game called ‘Count the Elves’ (based on the old fairground Whack-a-mole game). We also developed a hide and seek game, and an activity application called Make a Cookie for Santa where the player selected a cookie dough, and decorated it with different frostings, icings and decorations before seeing it get packaged up and sent to Santa. [ read more ]

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